~*~ Jenn ~*~
 This is Jenn when she was getting ready to go to David's Bridals and try on her wedding dress.  :o)  Doesn't she just glow?  Of course she does. That's because Jenn is only one of the most wonderful people I know. And though Jenn is usually very quiet most of the time, when she does speak up it is always to say something very wise.  Sometimes I think Jenn knows more about me than I do.  Hmmm......
Jenn and I were on the UCF color guard together but I didn't really MEET her until I went to my first Marching Knights band party.  We got to know each other and made fun of people getting drunk.  I thought she was just so cool.  Now, along with Jill and Rachel, she is my best friend. Jenn is also cool because she is a college grad!  Woohoo!  She just received a BA in psychology from UCF and one day, she wants to put her knowledge towards being a guidance counselor.  She is also getting married soon, which is very exciting.  I truly believe that Jenn can do anything she puts her mind to. That's because Jenn is so wise, you know. 
Jenn is thinking, Oh geez, Jaime! 
Why are you taking a picture of me eating a donut on the bus?