Isn't this a wonderfully silly picture??  I just love it!  When I was deciding upon which one to put here first,  I finally chose this one because it is just SO WAY Rachel.  Rachel is just always smiling... Always brightening a room. Ok, so maybe not always like she's trying to give herself a headache or injure herself, but she is ALWAYS a bit of sunshine when the world is gloomy. People always tell  me how warm and friendly she is.  So I tell them, yes, I know this.  (Rachel also loves chocolate chip cookies---though she loves the cookie dough more.) 
I met Rachel through the Marching Knights, which is the UCF marching band, when  I was a newbie dork and she was the captain.   She's one of my best friends now and no less the tigger-ffic person she was when I met her.  Rachel's favorite thing is color guard (she is really awesome on any piece of equipment, of course--- she is CREEK, you know...) More Rachel-isms: Buttercup, Tigger, and her favorite hobby, NICK, her boyfriend.  Rachel is studying to be a history teacher at UCF and she is also hoping to instruct color guard.  One of these days, she is going to be on the Disney channel for teacher of the year.  Just wait and see.  
Silly us!  This is what happens after too much sugar.  I think this picture is just
TOO funny!