Good times at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights... From L to R: Robert, Me, Rachel, Kelly (in the back,) Erin, and Dan

Ok, RIGHT down to it.....
 First, my hebrew name (my jewish given name) is Leia--hense, the name of the site. I just like it 20 times better than my REAL name, Jaime Lyn, so I use it whenever I can.   (Besides, it also got me the nickname "Princess Leia," and you just GOTTA love that, right?? *grin*)
And now,  a brief (I SWEAR, brief) history of... guess who? Me!:

I was born in New York (yes, the big apple,) where I resided for 11 years of my life.  I then moved my (at that time) fairly unhappy butt to Wellington, Florida, where I lived for approx 7 years.  As of now, I reside in Orlando, (land of a billion tourists) Florida, where I attend The University of Central Florida.  I have two parents (yes, TWO of them--who woulda thought???)  named June and Allan, a younger, slightly irritating sister named Lindsay, and a puff-ball marshmallow fluff of a dog that I call Natasha. 

My best friends (or what I like to call, the "Can I see my name mentioned on your site,  Jaime?" section):
Ok, here we go.....

High School Best friend:(Or the woman of the hour that I still am close to from that horrid time where your arms and legs didn't fit the rest of you....)

Jill!!  See how cool she looks with her baton?

Jill: I dub her "my sister," because I've known her since that horrible, miserable year we called "the 6th grade."  (And how many of YOU out there wish your old middle school would burn to the ground??)   But now we're in college and old, old. ha ha.  Jill is an incredible majorette (baton twirler,) the best out there, as a matter of fact, and she's one of the most wonderful people I know.  (Luv ya Geranium) One of these days I've told her we're going to be in the same state again and I SWEAR it will happen!  She's lived far away for about 5 years now and I miss her like crazy.  I don't think I'd be able to go on without her in my life.  :o) 

College best friends:
( or the people that I have met at UCF and will probably be attached to for... well, a long time!  Duh!)

My Wonderful "Powerpuff girls..."

Jenn:  What can I say about this wonderful person?  Well, she is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know.  She's also been through a lot of the same stuff I have been, so I kinda look up to her too. :o)    (Not just because I'm short though... ha ha)   I think that if more people were like Jenn, the world would be a better place.  And, not only that, she's SOO much fun!  She's a blast.  I'm always at her house, eating her food.... ha ha.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met her!
Rachel:  Oh my.  There is just NOBODY like Rachel.  She is the person that I talk with for hours and hours and....(believe it or not) never get bored.  I know that I can always tell her anything and she totally knows what I mean.  (which works vice versa... all she has to do is say one word and I know what she means, what her mood is... blah, blah...)   She is also a wonderful, smart and BEYOND :o) talented person that has 2 (Yes, 2) medals for winterguard (she was also the captain.)   What can I say?  She's awesome.
My "Big Sis" (or what I like to call "team CutterBup...")
Erin:  Ok, so she's not REALLY my big sis, but she is SOOO wonderful.  Erin is one of those people who can make you laugh just by smiling and making a certain arm motion.  She giggles and it makes you want to laugh with her.  One of her favorite phrases (from "American beauty") is "I rule," and I totally agree.  she DOES rule.  She is always there when I need her and she protects me when she thinks I'll get hurt.  She really is the big sis I never had.  :o)
Pic of us!!  (Well, a pic of most of us.  Some of my buddies aren't there... but that's ok... I still love em....)
From L to R:
Front: Darren, Dan B (Jenn's love,) Jenn, Dan H. and ME
Back: Jenn's dad (Sr. Frank,) Erin, Kelly, Rachel and Robert
A few other friends who would kill me if I didn't say hi (Or, what I like to call the "you really don't need to read this unless you're bored" section):

Poca:  (otherwise known as Michelle)  What a great girl!  I have never seen her say anything bad about ANYONE... not to mention the fact that she is so sweet and wonderful... and funny AND... she loves the movie clue.  That just makes her so cool!

Edwin:  This guy is TOO funny!  He's such a nice person and such a total goof off at the same time.  He is always making me laugh!  Right now he is a Disney employee and he is in the Millenium parade.  I was so proud of him when I saw him!  If any of you go to Epcot Center in Orlando, look for him.

Sharlyne and Kelly: (otherwise known as Simon and Theodore to my Alvin):  These two girls are so much fun!  Kelly and I can totally be crazy and wierd--and I can laugh for hours with her and not be bored.  Sharlyne is my short buddy.  She and I are always joking around that we are "chip and dale" because of our height.  She's a great person and so much fun.

My fellow ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA members!  I am PROUD to be an @$$....Jen (yes I still care about you, silly!,) Nickie (always my "other half,) Michelle (Homecoming court, cool girl.  The pics are here courtesy of her... she was there, just taking the pics for us... )  Leslie (spice girl--you go with your bad self), Michelle (wrong way Tanner), J.T, Lauren, Robyn, Erika, Heather (Klutzo-captain FUZZY!,) Jenny, Brienne (hhhhhhi,) Lisa, Matt, Mike (FSU special Olympic guy--ha ha,) Jim-man, Tiffany, and all my "band friends"  (old and new.)  Hi to the Starlet Knights, and to my captain girls, Emily, Rachel and Summer.  (Or, what I like to call the , "maybe if they see their names here I won't have to do so many drop spins at practice" 

Now..... my favorite hobbies (What I do with my lovely self on my off time):

Ok, to recap, let me first state the EXTREMELY obvious:  I LOVE the X Files.  I write fanfic.  I run this page.  If you're here, then you must know that by now.  If you don't know that by now, then you need to consult your local psychiatrist.  *grin*  Anyhow, let's move on to something else that I love. 


Ok, if there are any band groupies out there, please raise your hands now!  <ahem> Of course, if you DON'T know what colorguard is, here's a brief explanation:
The Color Guard is comprised of a group of people (usually predominately female) that spin flags, rifles, and sabres, and are highly skilled and coordinated at this. (Or, at least, they should be. Or I should be.  Sometimes though, I think my skill and coordination just go the way of the dinosaur. *grin*)

In high school, I was a member of the Mighty Wolverine Sound Color Guard for 3 terrific years.  We weren't the absolute best in the state, but we did take home second place at the South Florida Indoor Guard Championships our first year competing, so I thought that was pretty damned cool.  (Watch out for the curling irons, Leslie...)  As of right now, I am a member of the "UCF Starlet Knights," the color guard for the wonderful, mighty University of Central FloridaGO KNIGHTS!!!!  We are an absolute AWESOME squad (hense the killer auditions for it) and this is my first year with them so.... alas, I start at the bottom of the totem pole and must work my way up again.  (The VERY bottom of the totem, trust me....) 


Originally, I began my musical training on the viola, which I liked but never loved.  Soooo.... I quit that for a few years and then, in high school, I started playing the Clarinet, which I loved with all my heart.  I played for a few years and I think my favorite piece was "The Marriage of Figaro," which I memorized because it just sounded so awesome! (my sister has my clarinet now.  She knows that if she hurts it, I'll kill her. *grin*)  My favorite clarinet performer would have to be my friend, Jen, who is all-county, tri-state, most outstanding everything.  She is incredible and inspiring when she plays!!!  She now plays with UF's concert band.


Duh--I think all of you visiting this page know that I write.  Yes, of course I write.  But what you probably DON'T know is that I write OTHER stuff besides X Files fanfic.  I write poems, short stories and all kinds of stuff.  I used to edit my school's literary magazine, and I've also competed in all sorts of essay contests, poetry contests, and the like.  I've won quite a few.  But really, that's not why I write. I write because I love the exhilaration I feel when I do it.  I love creating and developing new characters and travelling to other places I've created through my work.  Writing is a wonderful feeling that I'm sure any creative people out there know about. 


Yes, believe it or not, I draw, paint, and sculpt, also.  I've taken art for approximately 11 years and I absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, I've been doing it so long that, now that I don't have time for specialized classes, I really miss it.  All I have left of art shows and competing are my ribbons.  *sad face*  But anyway, next to writing and reading, it's my favorite thing to do to relax.  I just sit back and sketch something (or someone) and it makes me happy.

Alrighty then, now that you know everything and anything you did or didn't want to know about me, you can click on your browser's back button and do something you actually WANT to do.  lol.  And if there's anything you DID want to know but DIDN'T find here.... well, I don't know what to tell you.  There's a lot here.  Maybe you weren't reading all of it.  Go back and read it again.  There will be a comprehensive exam on it... no.  kidding.  *I* don't even think I'm that exciting.