Agua Mala, 6x13
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Rating: Two Thumbs up!

"All the nuts are down in Florida..."
HA HA!  I live there, and I can personally attest for that one...*grin*
And thus, on with the review.
Personally, I thought this was a classic X file.  It had all the makings of a really spooky monster of the week.  The storm, with its lightning and inherent dangers, mixed with the run-down motel, and appearance (or LACK of, should I say) of a dangerous sea monster, all helped to make this a very enjoyable hour of television.

And the story is simply, this:  Arthur Dales, (the old guy who used to work on the X Files) calls Mulder and leaves him a message on his machine: there's a storm down in Florida, and he thinks it's washed something on shore---something dangerous.

So, of COURSE, Mulder and Scully get right on it.  (Scully--however grudgingly---but that's besides the point...)  They show up on Dales' doorstep right before the storm makes landfall (in the pouring rain) and Dales explains to them that his neighbors have disappeared.---And that he thinks the disappearance is due to a sea monster brought in with the storm.  Mulder, of course, believes this. Scully, of course, does not.

"Don't mock the mysteries of the deep, young lady," he orders her.

A little while later, Mulder and Scully get trapped in an old condominium. (after looking for shelter from the storm---airports closed and NO visibility...) Anyhow, lucky them, they get stuck with a looter, a deputy who's been injured by the sea monster, a crazy tenant who carries fire arms, and  a hispanic tenant (Walter) whose pregnant (not-quite) wife (Angela) ends up going into labor.


And as the storm rages outside, the sea monster kills the deputy, Scully delivers the woman's baby (at gunpoint), Mulder gets injured by the slimy creature (who is repelled by fresh water and enticed by salt water,) and eventually, Scully saves Mulder's butt, yet again.  (How many times does this make it, now? Oh... a HUNDRED??)  So, all in all, the episode wasn't the shippiest I'd ever seen. The dialogue was good--witty and snappy, and that made the episode all the better, but romantic innuendos were null and void.

But that was ok--at least, in my opinion. Because what drew the audience into this episode was the intense action--the classic X File mixed in with the edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.  The Hitchcock-like style of showing "an implied monster" (After all, your imagination can come up with much worse, right?) rather than showing us this large hideous er...thing... was very effective. Much better than if they had decided to show us everything.  Like I always say, "Less is more." And not only that, but the writing was also very well carried out. As "up to par" as they've gotten so far this season, with the "mosters of the week," I think.

Crazy tenant (To Walter--Angela's boyfriend): Maybe it'll just come out and grab you by the nuts!!
Mulder: Nah, I think someone's already got him by the nuts...

As you can see, there was a tinge of humor underlying this entire episode, ----from the crack that the deputy made to Mulder and Scully--"For all I know, you could be members of the Manson family," to the one Scully made in the car---"Mulder, I think you ARE a member of the Manson family,"---right to the wisecrack at the end, when Dales asked Mulder and Scully if they wanted water, and they both replied, in unison, "NO!"

The sense of humor was especially effective when combined with such dark elements.  This episode could have been dark and serious, but instead, it was light and quirky---despite the sea monster.  *grin* Instead, we got Mulder and Scully--- standing with their hands up in the air, caught red handed trying to pry a door open----as a deputy demanded to know who they were.  (He read them their rights...)

"Mmmph, pphiibt mmpht," Mulder managed--with a flashlight in his mouth.

Ha ha, says I.

And the 'ship,' such as it was---although pretty non-existent here--- was actually uttered NOT by Mulder or Scully, but by Dales--whose opinion of Scully had been greatly altered since the episode started out.  ("She saved your life--with a gun to her head," Dales told Mulder, to which he replied---rather petulantly--"No she didn't... not really...")

At any rate, here was the close-to-shippy-comment:

"If Agent Scully had not been there with you, I shudder to think what would have happened to you.  I'd say you owe her your life.  It takes a big man to admit this, but if I had had someone as savvy as her by my side all those years ago in the X-Files, I might not have retired.  I suggest we have a toast to your good fortune."

Of course, we all know this---(even Mulder does) but of course, he wasn't about  to admit it to another GUY.  ESPECIALLY his predecessor to the X Files.  Why?  Well, I think it had something to do with that pesky "macho-guy" thing.  After all, there was Scully--hero of the day---and it had been MULDER'S case.  Mulder was "The big-X-files-man," as Dales had put it in the beginning.  Scully was Mulder's partner, and Mulder was "X files man."  So certainly, MULDER had wanted to be the hero.  (it's like ROBIN saving the day instead of Batman. ) So I think that he was a little put out that Scully ended up saving the day----like it bruised his poor little male ego...

But then again, there was that proud "look" that Mulder shot at Scully, when Dales said, (along the lines of)"And  in the middle of this mess she (Scully)brought a new life into this world..." (reffering to Angela's baby) that proved to us EXACTLY what Mulder thinks of Scully---despite his protests to the contrary.  The look he gave her was one of pure admiration., and we all saw it. See, he DOES know how great she is---how amazing, but he just never SAYS it.  (Like I said, it must be a "guy" thing.  I'll never understand that macho stuff....*grin*)

So, to sum up, two thumbs up for "Agua Mala." Great entertainment!  ---A good episode to watch while cuddled up under a blanket, eating popcorn or chocolatey snacks---yummm!

My only complaint?  Well,to be nit-picky, Hurricane season's been over for MONTHS now... (Sorry Chris Carter) So I would really LOVE to know just when this episode was supposed to have taken place...  (Hurricanes CAN'T form in the winter months because the water's too cold...) So how is it possible----Hurricanes in February?? Hmmm.... Could only be an X File...