Three Of A Kind, 6x19
Airdate: May 2nd or 9th
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No Mulder?  What is this noise?...

Some responses from Autumn on the message boards:
<<(1) Is Mulder even mentioned in BRM? If what context? Anything else interesting?>>

First it is definitely "Three of a Kind". Never was BRM as far as I can tell.  Yes, he is mentioned. In fact the Gunmen turn to Scully for help because they think Mulder is too high profile in the geek set. And you hear Scully's side of a funny call to Mulder in the end when she realizes she's been duped.


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According to an early version of the script, included in the cast of characters is "Morris Fletcher (6X04)".


From what I understand (and this has been everywhere) Scully---at some point----gets drugged.  She also has a scene in a bar. Here's one line from Scully to Frohike: "Hikey, you're cute."

Alrighty, I think it's pretty obvious that (when she says this) either Scully's drugged, she's drunk... or well, at any rate, I seriously doubt she'd say it sober.  (Lord knows I wouldn't.)


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"On THE X-FILES Sunday, May 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), Scully is tricked by the Lone Gunmen into accompanying them to Las Vegas, where they make a startling discovery.


From Dana Foxee on SpoilerVille:
"Three of a Kind" will involve a drug, and apparently has nothing to do with nanotechnology.


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First, Vince has said the following of this ep's plot: " the story has a lot of interesting, cool moments in it."

B.R.M. Casting Sheet
Note these are for roles which are not filled yet. (I.E. Suzanne Modeski is already cast, so she still could be in the ep, just not listed)

[DEALER/GRANT SNOW] Male, 40s. At first we see him posing as a Vegas Dealer. A charismatic, cool customer.  He's smart and somewhat handsome. But then we learn that he is actually an employee of the department of defense, advanced weapons facility, who's plotting to kill his fiancee to save his own life...

GUEST STAR [TIMMY THE GEEK] Male, early 30s. A card-carrying conspiracy geek. He's the type of guy who still plays roleplaying games and has probably never had sex in his life. He blends in well with the rest of the computer dorks and "Dungeons and Dragons" players, but we find out eventually that he is on a secret mission working for the bad guys...

GUEST STAR [JIMMY THE GEEK] Male, early 30s. Another card-carrying conspiracy geek.  He is at the defense convention in Vegas to get the insider information. He is also the type of guy who still plays "Dungeons and Dragons," and who probably never had sex in his life...

GUEST STAR [LITTLE FRITZ] Male, 40s to 50s. A Vegas convention attendee, who's playing a game of high-stakes poker with a few of his colleagues. He is a defense contractor, and works for Lougheed. He's a lifer waiting for the pension and the gold watch...

GUEST STAR [BIG FRITZ] Male, 40s to 50s. Another convention attendee at the poker game who works for general dynamics. He's a lifer waiting for the pensionand the gold watch...GUEST STAR
[AL] Male, 40s to 50s. Another convention attendee at the poker game who works for McDougall Douglas. He's a lifer waiting for the pension and the gold watch...

GUEST STAR [REDHEAD GEEK] Male, mid 20s to early 30s. Yet another conspiracy geek at the defense convention...

CO-STAR [BALD GEEK] Male, mid 20s to early 30s. Another geek, but this one's bald...

CO-STAR [LAUNDRY WORKER] A hotel laundry service worker who witnesses a man leaping from the building to his death...

CO-STAR [MORGUE ASSISTANT] An assistant in the morgue where "Scully" is performing an autopsy...

FEATURED [GUARD] Male, a security guard at the Las Vegas convention...

FEATURED [ANCHORWOMAN] Female. A local Las Vegas new anchor. Please submit actual newscasters...FEATURED

 From AV on SpoilerVille:
Details about this episode are still sketchy... "B.R.M." is about nano-technology being manufactured as Biological Response Modifiers, to help treat cancer. But their pupose, we find out, is not to help destroy the malignant cells in cancerous tissue... but something much different. The Lone Gunmen figure this out once Suzanne Modeski (sp?) come back -- presenting them with this conspiracy. There will be a buch of geeks that make guest appearances (source: Casting sheet). Casting is now on, and details of the episode are, as usual, subject to change.

From: AV on SpoilerVille:
Episode 6X19 on the X-Files is "B.R.M."
Several promising new approaches to the treatment of cancer are beingtaken. In one, biological agents known as Biological Response Modifiers (<<< "B.R.M.") are used to modify the response of the body to cancer.  Another approach involves biological agents that stimulate certain cells, which can then attack the malignant cells.  A "sequel" of sorts to the popular Unusual Suspects, involving nano-technology!

 From AV on SpoilerVille:
6X19 Unusual Suspects Sequel: Written by (rumoured) Vince Gilligan and John Shiban... supposedly about