Jaime Lyn's Fic Archive

Welcome to the archive for all my newer works; this page has been a long-time coming (or so my beta tells
me...) and is still under construction.  For now, most of the links are ephemeral links, as I try to figure out the plain text document thing -- and, uh... where the hell I put most of my stories.  I really seem to suck at organization.  So if you happen to run across some stories of mine on the net that are not listed here... please let me know.  I have a memory as air-tight as cheesecloth, and if I can even remember the titles of my fics, it's a good day.


How to Do Like This
Post-Requiem, Scully-angst

When you're alone...

Full-Moon, Near-Death, and Things Left Unfinished
UST, X-File

Something bizarre happens to Mulder and Scully
on Halloween.  

Anonymous People are the Only People Here

Post-Existence, Pre-Trust No 1

Anonymity is precious, is key.  

Life As We Live It
Post-Requiem, Pre-abduction

Mulder and Scully have a very
important discussion in Bellefluer.


Light Moves


Let me introduce you
 to Criminal and P.I, on the run from
the world.

Shadows of Winter

Sequel: Light Moves

Criminal and P.I face their
destiny, and get what they
least expect, when least expected.

Works in Progress:    

We All Die Virgins

What is a virgin but something

       left untouched?  Only we can leave
this world without ever having really

300 Word Challenge Fics:

** Snowed In  ** link coming soon
Anti-Domestic Disturbance