Field Trip, 6x21
Airdate: May 9, 1999
 This (kinda icky, if not really strange) picture borrowed from the wonderful Haven For the FBI's Most Unwanted

Just another day in "the field" for moose and squirrel....


General Paraphrase of Autumn's responses on the message boards (From SpoilerVille):

The first thing I thought when I read the script: "Hoo boy, Gillian's going to have a field day with this one.  Scully, in her hallucinations, envision's Mulder's wake and is upset and seriously affected.  These hallucinations are not manifestations of Mulder and Scully's worst fears, nor are they a manifestation of subconscious feelins towards one another.  Their initial dispute definitely has an effect on how their hallucinations play out.  Mulder's Dream!Scully does no agree with everything he says.  Mulder and Scully are sometimes aware of each others hallucinations.  Skinner is in Scully's hallucination.  I got the impression that Mulder and Scully remember the events of their hallucinations afterwards, but they do not exactly discuss it with each other.  Mulder talks to Scully in her hallucination.  We do get a fantasy Scully, but it it not as great as it's cracked up to be for Mulder. Someone get shot in "Field Trip".  In their hallucinations, Mulder and Scully  are and are not acting like themselves.  The scene where Mulder has "abducted" a Gray is not real.

And these (the rest of Autumn's Q & A) are from the Haven (in her format):

QUESTION: Does anyone get shot in "Field Trip"?
ANSWER: But it's not what you think.
QUESTION: Is Scully upset or seriously affected in some way by Mulder's
ANSWER: Of course. Did you expect her to sing ding dong the ditch is
QUESTION: Does their initial dispute have an effect on how their
hallucinations play out?
ANSWER: Definitely.
QUESTION: Is Skinner in Mulder and/or Scully's hallucination?
QUESTION: Do either Mulder or Scully in their hallucinations envision a
funeral for the other?
ANSWER: Not really a funeral. A wake.
QUESTION: I'm going to assume that it's Scully envisioning Mulder's
funeral. (Anyone, please, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...)
ANSWER: This gets a cookie [Meaning its correct]
QUESTION: Is it action Skinner we see or Supervisor "I don't know what to
make of this report" Skinner" ?
ANSWER: A little of both.
QUESTION: Can you tell us one sentence from dialoge mulder says to
scully in his Hallucination in Field Trip?
ANSWER: "It doesn't like the light."

More Q and A answers from Autumn on the message boards at SpoilerVille:

This is a very very interesting episode. One of the most interesting scripts I have seen. And yet all we talk about is
the finale.

<<Does Scully enter Mulder's trip?>>
Scully is in Mulder's trip, but I do not believe it is a shared hallucination as much as it is Mulder's hallucination of

<<Okay, is Scully scripted to cry in "Field Trip"? >>
Not specifically as in "Scully cries," but many emotions are scripted, such as things like "numb" and "Been through
the wringer."

<<Is it true that man-eating mushrooms are involved?>>
LOL, yes, in a sense the monster of the week is a carnivorous fungus.

<< Does the majority of the episode take place in one or the other's hallucination?>>


Response from Autumn on the message boards at SpoilerVille:
<<Anything that could be *conceived* as possibly being shippy?>>
***I don't think you will be disappointed in it.***

*Personal note: Ummm... possibility of shippiness??  May I be the first to say... woo hoo??

**This next one I like--from The Haven:

Paraphrased From Autumn T. on AOL.
Someone asked if Mulder enters Scully's "trip" (as this episode
supposedly includes Mulder and Scully having mushroom spore induced
 "trips"--anyone else thinking of Alice in Wonderland. Anyway..) the
response was that Mulder enters Scully's trip through the door. Futher
 info: Field Trip does not tie into the finale.

From Leigh on the message boards at SpoilerVille
The skeletons of the victims in a double murder are found in a field.
Guest: Mitch Pileggi, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund, David Denman and Robyn Lively

From Autumn on the message boards at SpoilerVille:
Field Trip is written by Gilligan and Shiban, Story by Spotnitz, Directed by Manners.
I thought someone already posted a cast list on it. Yes, Skinner and the Lone Gunmen are in it, and no, no more Kersh.


From AV on SpoilerVille:

6X21/6AB21 - "Field Trip"
Written by David Amman or John Shiban
Directed by Michael Watkins
U.S. Broadcast Date: May 9, 1999
"Mulder and Scully investigate a strange double murder in which only the victims' skeletons are found in an open field."
This episode has nothing to do with the season finale.

 From Jesse on the message boards:
Its about these Mushrooms in a field that Scully and Mulder touch and makes them pretty much "trip" out.

 From Greg on the message boards:
Things that I have heard (but can't totally confirm) about 6X21:
- After disappearing since 6X15, Skinner makes an appearance.
- It is written by David Amman or John Shiban
- Michael Watkins is directing it.
- This isn't a case Mulder and Scully get a tip on (like Alpha and Agua  Mala), instead, here, they are consulting with the
Local Enforcement trying to solve the case.

From Jesse on the message boards:
6X21 is not part of the Finale and it is not called  "LIES". It is called "Field Trip."

From the Fox Pressroom:
On May 9, Mulder and Scully investigate a strange double murder in which only the victims' skeletons are found in an
open field.