There are so many X files sites out there--WAY too many to list here, so these are just a few that are---in my opinion---some of the best X files sites on the net. I don't have as many links listed here as a lot of other sites do---but I am a firm believer of "quality over quanity"--so you can rest assured that all of these sites have my personal stamp of approval....They're listed here by in alphabetical order by categories.... (shipper,  general X files, actors & characters, spoilers, fanfic, and of course, links pages...)



Gertie's Shipper Friendly X Files Page 

I absolutely  LOVE this page.  it's always been one of my favorites (And one of the best) out there for shippers.  The people who frequent her message board are some of the nicest out there, not to mention that Gertie meticulously cares for her page.  A great site, indeed. 

Haven For The FBI's Most Unwanted 

This is definitely one of the--if I had to pick only two---BEST relationshipper sites on the net.  It has EVERYTHING!!  ---And  when I say everything, I really mean everything.  Here you'll find the most up to date spoilers, the latest images, the best fanfic, and the most fun  for shippers on the net.  (There are even shipper games and everything!)  Amy does a great job with this site---she updates every day--so don't forget to drop her a note if you like what you see.

Institution for Relationshippers 

The very first X files shipper page I ever went to, and still one of my favorites. Here, you’ll find any and all info on the best romantic moments each week, the best quotes to have ever come from our heroes’ mouths, and the best links to some great fanfic. This page is a must see for all shippers! 

Romancing The X 

This is my buddy (and spoiler queen) Spooky Chick's site, and I'm not just posting the link here because she's a great gal.  The page itself is really great---wonderfully shippy and lots to do---(spoilers, links, news, you name it...)not to mention that it's frequently updated.  So go and visit!! 

  X-Philes Finis Romantics Society News and Rumors 

Now THERE'S a long name...*grin*  I love this site because it's got some great stuff--spoilers and fanfic---all updated frequently.  Very well maintained.  I also like the concept of it--which is that Mulder and Scully should  get together--but only AFTER the show ends. 


General  X Files 


  The OFFICIAL X Files Page 

Since this IS an X FILES site and I do not own the copyright for the show, I feel obligated to post this link.  To be honest, it's not one of my favorite sites.  (Until recently they had noone to update it) but now it's ok.  If you want to know all about the official FOX stuff--including contests to win free X files items, then this is where you want to go. 

The PA X Files Site 

THIS site---which is actually maintained by Amy's (of the Haven's) roomate is the OTHER (if I only could pick two) best site on the net.  It has multimedia stuff, (postcards, games) great spoilers, speedy updating, and one of the most comprehensive David Duchovny image archives I've ever seen. (Ahh...I could lose myself in there...) The maintainer (D.c--I think it is) does a wonderful job with it.  Go check out her wonderful page! 

  Tiny Dancer's Site 

This site is no less than INCREDIBLE.   Everything that you could posssibly want but don't know how to find is in  here.  ---Including transcripts for just about every episode, spoilers, sounds, and episode guides.  It's a great place to go to kick back and relax.  (Or grab a phile friend, download a transcript, and put on an "X Files" production. *grin*) 

The Ultimate X Files 

Great stuff in here.  There are some great pics, links, and full character bios.  They also house fanfiction--which I haven't gotten around to yet---but which I am sure is just as wonderfully maintained as the rest of this site.  (They don't call it "ultimate" for nothing...)

 Actors and Characters


Fox and Dana's Homepage 

A "first person" site (meaning, it's designed as if Mulder and Scully created it) that is--I must say--my absolute favorite of it's kind. It's incredibly funny (I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME I VISIT!!) and VERY well done.  Basically, it's like a web-page/fanfic.  And if you like Mulder/Scully married stuff, then... well just go visit.  Do not collect two hundred dollars.  Just Go. 

  GAWS (The Gillian Anderson Web Site) 

This site is one of my favorites--and not just because I'm a huge Gillian fan. It just happens to be THE most comprehensive Gillian archive anywhere.   It's got (I think) EVERY picture, every article, every bit of information, and every TV appearance transcript that there IS with Gillian, and it is updated every day.   A truly great place. (mentioned in Yahoo magazine as well) A must see for Gillian fans! 

  SPCDD (The Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to David Duchovny) 

Ok--now tell me THAT wasn't a mouthful... *grin* But seriously, this site is THE WORSHIPPING ground for David Duchovny fans.  If you like him, then this is definitely the place you want to be.  They've got everything--- from a message board to images,to--yes, of course---fanfic. 

  Spooky's Home Page 

I got this one from Spooky Chick's page, and oh my gosh!!  I thought it was so great!! it's a "Mulder first person" page--meaning  it's designed as if Mulder, himself, designed it--and it's a blast.  Check out the images of him (and of Scully) that go along with the text--really fun stuff! 




Ok, well there are lots of sites out there that *HAVE* spoilers *ON* them, but this is THE site--- for the most spoilers on the web. --Dedicated TO spoilers.  Most of these are featured on my spoiler page, but they've got a message board and some of the most knowledgable people in the XF spoiler world. If you want to know what’s going on---that’s the place to be. 



The Gossamer Archive 

The oldest and MOST comprehensive archive of fanfiction on the net. This one has just about EVERY story imaginable on it, and so if you want variety and selection, then this is the place you want to go. 

  Mulder/Scully married archive 

This site is just a lot of fun. If you’re a die-hard shipper and ever need a quick pick-me-up, go visit this site, designed exclusively to house stories that have married off Mulder and Scully. 

Romantic Fanfic Archive 

This page links from Gossamer (one of the ONLY pages allowed to do so) and it’s one of my favs. They have just about every MSR on the internet. They also have some top 20’s pages that are definitely not to be missed. 

Spooky Awards 

Ok, ok, so I was nominated for one of these, but that’s not the reason for the link. *grin* This page just so happens to house some of the best fanfiction (MSR or otherwise) on the net. The web maintainers there are not only wonderful people, but they work hard too. Go and pay a visit to tell them how much we appreciate the effort. 

Visions of Truth 

Galia’s wonderful archive of MSR fanfiction. Not only is this site beautifully maintained by a wonderful person (As you can see, she’s great at designing web graphics) but it’s also got some of the best MSR fic out there. (top ten lists and everything--one of my stories even made her top ten for february!--it's an honor, believe me...) So go visit! 

 *Author Pages-(alpha by first name/web site title)**  
 * As a writer, I am always asked what authors and/or stories I would reccomend.  And though these aren't ALL of my favorites (I have more--trust me...) these are just a few of the "best of the best.") 


  Dawson Rambo’s fanfiction 

Dawson is well known for his MSR/X file stories, and for good reason. His stuff is some of the best fanfic out there. Not only does he do what Chris Carter does best (write engaging stories with excellent plot lines) but he also writes wonderful MSRs to go along with them. (My personal rec? "ELS."  One of my all time favorites.) 

Hopelessly Romantic Fanfic 

This is Linda’s site, and I recommend it to anyone out there looking for a good fanfic fix. She currently has two works in progress, “Perchance to Dream,” and Revelations,” which have both hooked me from the beginning. (In other words--go read them!!!)  She’s a wonderful MSR writer, and if you’re looking for that, I recommend you go and visit. 

Jill Selby's Fanfiction 

Jill has always been one of my favorite authors. Her ability to write Mulder and Scully is virtually untouchable, and her stories are incredible. Her current work in progress is “Paper Saints,” and I think it may be her best yet. if you only read one work in progess in this life, go read that one.  It's WELL worth it.  My other recs? "Scattering Seeds Upon A Stone," ( read its follow up too), and "Makeshift Kiss." 

  Karen Rasche’s site 

What can I say about Karen Rasche that hasn’t already been said before?? Well, she just so happens to be one of the QUEENS of fanfiction. She is a Diva in her own right. Her stories are unmatched and unparalleled, and her current work in progress, “Word to Live By,” is keeping me on the edge of my seat. My personal recs? Go and read “Antidote” (a collaboration by her and Rachel Howard) and “The Words” series. You won’t regret it. 

  Kelli Rocherolle’s fanfiction 

What can I say? “The Offspring” was the first fanfiction I ever read, and it’s also one of the best. Kelli has been around awhile, and her experience shows in her writing. Go visit and read just one story. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Links Pages


Karen’s links 

Here, you will find one of the most comprehensive links sites out there. Karen worked hard to make sure she included everything in here (from Krycheck fans, to Lone gunmen fans, to noromos) so there’s something here for everyone. 

       Personal links...  

Jill's Baton Twirling Page 

No, it's not X files, but it IS my absolutely incredible best friend Jill's web site. (Good for any majorette who's looking for a link to a twirling page--she's got em all.)  Please go visit and sign her guestbook to thank her, if you're a fan of my stories.  She's been my inspiration since 6th grade homeroom...

GuardCutie's World

This website belongs to another one of my best friends, Rachel.   Go visit and learn all about HER world:  Color Guard, UCF, Alpha Sigma Sigma and of course, her Nick :o) 

  Leslie's little Corner Of the Web 

This is my good friend Leslie's web page.  Here, you'll find just about anything and everything.  (She's pretty thorough, *grin*) Though it doesn't have X Files on it, it does have lyrics, anime (Japanese animation stuff), her poetry, and much more to come.  Go visit and stay for awhile!