Airdate: May 16, 1999


The last of the sixth season:

From Dana Foxee on SpoilerVille:
The Director for "Lies" is Kim Manners and for "Plans" it will probably be Rob Bowman.

From Dana Foxee on SpoilerVille:
Roy Thinnes who played Jeremiah Smith in "Talitha Cumi"/"Herrenvolk" may be returning in 6X21/6X22.

From AV on Spoilerville:

6X21 "Lies" / 6X22 "Plans"
Don't expect the aliens to come invade Earth in this Two-Parter. Plans and obvious stages of
 planning will be taking place. CC's new movie coming out next year will do the colinization bit
(explosions and stuff... bad aliens). And rumours that Scully will be raped are TOTALLY false.
 Some freak spreading bad rumours....It was written as a three-parter -- but now that DD needs time,     there will be a two-parter  opener for next season.  P1 is called "Lies" (directed by Watkins) The working title for part 2 of the finale is called "Plans" (directed my Kim Manners)