Biogenesis, Season Finale
Airdate: May 23, 1999

Will Mulder make it?


 From Autumn on the message boards on SpoilerVille:
A hospital corridor scene was being filmed yesterday with Scully, Skinner, and Fowley. Mulder (well in this case Rob Bowman since DD was filming part of Field Trip in a cave in Griffith Park) can be heard screaming off camera.


All these are courtesy of the wonderful  SpoilerVille :

From AV on SpoilerVille:
This illness is suposed to be a part of the cliffhanger. "Will Mulder make it?" <<Mulder is admitted into a New Mexico hospital with bizarre symptoms (of what, I don't know) which puzzles the Native American nurse and doctor.>>  Diana Fowley will be in this episode (her fourth that she is signed on to do.)  This episode is sorta "Anasazi" (New Mexico)... they try and treat Mulder...

From 24Hour News X via Andy on SpoilerVille:
I recieved the following info today concerning the season finale, episode 6X22, titled 'Biogenesis':
This episode is about a doctor who is a believer in a theory called "Panspermia," the belief that life originated on Mars. He finds a mysterious artifact that supports his theory. One of the Doctor's colleagues' has alterior motives in regards to the artifact. Mulder is admitted into a New Mexico hospital with bizarre symptoms (of what, I don't know) which puzzles the Native American nurse and doctor. Also, there is an African peasant who shows Scully the ancient artifact. - This info doesn't make a lot of sense yet, so hopefully we'll get more info in the weeks to come! =)

From GF on SpoilerVille:
Mimi Rodgers was signed for a min of 4 eps this season which means ; The Beginning, Two Fathers, One Son .... and the finale. She said in a TV Guide article in March that she would be returning in the finale.  I on the otherhand have been able to confirm people in the finale: Brian Thompson, Mitch Pilegi , Mimi Rodgers, Nic Lea, and William B. Davis. Roy Thinnes has also stated that he would return as Jeramiah Smith, but I do not know if CC followed through with that. Also, I have heard rumors of Gibson Praise Returning.

 From Extex on SpoilerVille:
I was told everyone was in it [finale] including Owens and Rogers

A revamp in plans:


From the Fox Pressroom:
The May 16 season finale cliffhanger will be the first of two parts, with the conclusion airing on the premiere episode of next season.

The last of the sixth season:


 From Dana Foxee on SpoilerVille:
The Director for "Lies" is Kim Manners and for "Plans" it will probably be Rob Bowman.

From Dana Foxee on SpoilerVille:
Roy Thinnes who played Jeremiah Smith in "Talitha Cumi"/"Herrenvolk" may be returning in 6X21/6X22.

--From AV on Spoilerville:

6X21 "Lies" / 6X22 "Plans"
Don't expect the aliens to come invade Earth in this Two-Parter. Plans and obvious stages of
 planning will be taking place. CC's new movie coming out next year will do the colinization bit
(explosions and stuff... bad aliens). And rumours that Scully will be raped are TOTALLY false.
 Some freak spreading bad rumours....It was written as a three-parter -- but now that DD needs time,     there will be a two-parter  opener for next season.  P1 is called "Lies" (directed by Watkins) The working title for part 2 of the finale is called "Plans" (directed my Kim Manners)