Oh my gosh!! Season 7 spoilers ALREADY!!!  Say it ain't so!!  Please say it ain't so...
Anyhow, this is where you'll see all the various spoilers for... *gulp* the LAST season of our absolute favorite show.  I'll bring them to you as I see them, as they come, so sit back, relax, and... aw heck... bawl your eyes out over the ever nearing end of the best show on TV....


Borrowed from The Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted:

From Sara and Cinescape Magazine, the September/October issue. This is from the
  article, not the article in it's full form "We really opened up a new chapter in the mythology with
[the sixth season cliffhanger] 'Biogenesis,' and that will be the final chapter of the series.
  The effects of that discovery and what has happened to Mulder will drive all the mythology episodes
  [leading] into the series finale," Spotnitz promises. "I think you can expect to see all of
  the major characters involved in the resolution of the series." He adds that viewers can
  look forward to the series coming full-circle in the seventh season and dealing "very
  directly" with the disappearance of Mulder's sister and his relationship with Scully.

  This was the most interesting part of the article, except they also mentioned being in
  the very early stages of discussing plans for another movie with the studio. -Finally
  Spotnitz says,"I anticipate the series finale will leave room for films in the

From Extex on the message boards at SpoilerVille:

We may not have Mimi to kick around much longer.

From Jesse on the message boards at SpoilerVille:

Yes, The Cannibal episode is being shot at a place called LUCKY'S which is the name of the place in the script, I believe.  I saw Mimi Rogers while attending the premiere of BOWFINGER the other night and walked up to her and asked if she would be back on X-Files this year and Ill quote "Pfft not for long."  I saw Micheal McKean while attending the premiere of TEACHING MRS TINGLE last night and told him I loved him on X-Files - he was happy to meet a fan of the show! He said he would be back this season and as he got into his limo he said "KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES".  Little somethin for you........... Oh and BTW For all you SET fans, Our beloved Mark Carter is no longer with the show - is is fullfilling his DGA Training DREAMS in New York on features.........


Well, these are vague, as of right now, but they should become more detailed and solid once we hit July, I think.  They have all been gathered from Kelli Rocherolle's page, though I don't know  her source:

Episode: 7X03
Title: Unknown
Genre: MOTW / Standalone
Tentative Airdate: 11/21/99 [Dori Pierson's birthday]
Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Chris Carter
Misc: It is said to be an episode like PMP/TRIANGLE
written and directed by CC :)

Episode: 7X??
Title: "Night of the Living Dead"
Genre: MOTW
Writer: Stephen King
Director: George A. Romero
Cast: Scully, Mulder and a bunch of Zombies
Plot: Mulder and Scully make a 'nice' trip to
"ZombieVille"... and their only way out is thru;)
 Misc: According to Stephen King, the 2nd episode
 he's writing pays homage to Romero's '68 horror

Episode: 7X22
Title: Unknown
Genre: Mythology, Series Finale
Airdate: May 2000
Writer: Chris Carter...
Plot: It is not like the series finale's going to be a tease for the films, it's going to be a conclusion of the tv
series, and of the stories that have been in the tv series. But "The X-Files creative team" will leave room for more stories.


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