Season 8 Premiere, Untitled
Parts I and II
Airdate: 11/5/00
* The following from STAR Magazine, Spoiler lists and mostly the HAVEN:

            Seems Scully finds Gibson in act one of the second part of the two
            parter, not the first part. Scully finds him in a desolate desert, though it
            seems he has been @ a school for the hearing impaired.
            My read on what little I've seen is that while Scully's emotions may be
            close to the surface, by the time she's at the Office on her first day back
            w/o Mulder she's professional and doesn't let them see she's affected (to
            a large extent)-that's my read on it, nothing more than that. It does say
            (not quoting) that while she's pulled together she's still troubled. Could
             play very differently. Could be re-written. The opening scene reads really
            well in terms of direction-so hopefully it will play that way, if not re-written
            There are agents going through Mulder's office, to try and piece
            together what happened. Scully isn't too happy about this manhunt
            they're having for Mulder. Again interesting direction-especially about S's
            entrance to M's office.
            Again please note, these are one persons take on what they've
            read/heard/seen and like most things information is open to
            interpretation and as is always the case w/ TXF scenes may be

* General Stuff

                --- A new guy named Doggett teams up in the search for Mulder.  This is
                the dreaded "new guy" that will NOT be Scully's partner but who WILL
                be listed in the credits with GA.  He will be the "sort-of skeptic" to Scully's....
                umm..Well, I'm not really sure what Scully is yet.
                ---Gibson returns for the two-part season opener.
                ----Kersch returns.
                ----The lonegunmen help Scully throughout the ep--debugging her apt.
                How nice.  :o)
                --- Look for Mulder in flashbacks.  (Not sure how or when this will work in
                the ep but supposedly, its there)
                From Star-Scully is told to stand down in the search for Mulder [Amy
               note, my money's on her disobeying *that* order!]
                ---Evil Alien Bounty hunter returns.  (How bout a morph into Scully?
                I think that would amuse me.)
                ---Lots of emotional stuff:  Scully being told to stand down in her search
                for Mulder. (Remember what they told Mulder when Scully was gone?  They
                said GO HOME.)  Scully getting emotional with a doctor (probably about her
                "condition") and also a scene with Skinner.