Jaime Lyn's
Fanfic Status Page

Well, I'm sure you've all noticed it by now... the SUPREME lack of updating that's been plaguing this page.  And I know some of you must be thinking... man!  That girl!  She just sucks!  It's ok.  You can say it.    I know I've sucked at updating recently.  But there's some good reasons for that and here is where I'll tell you some of them (And I'll also give you a look at some upcoming stuff I'm working on, new chapters, new stories, etc)

Like Mulder and Scully in the above picture, I've been needing some personal time to just chill out.  (Ok, so maybe I'm not in LA making a movie about a Lazarus bowl BUT...) In the past few months I've changed adresses, gotten a new cat, written a million and one papers and short stories towards my major (anyone else out there working towards a degree ?  Yuck!)  and I've also been working day and night at Disney World to pay the bills (Let me tell ya, the mouse is pretty strict.)  Thus, the beginning of this summer had me experiencing something of a burn-out.  I would either come home from work exhausted and brain-dead or I would go to class and then ---well, let's just say that I'd spent so much of my time writing and writing and writing for academic purposes that when I actually DID have the time to write fanfic... I just didn't want to.  I couldn't bring myself to do it---not even for Mulder and Scully.

Yeah, that was me... all exhausted.
But the good news is that finally, by mid summer, (after many re-watchings of my friend's copy of "Reqiuem") I felt rejuvinated.  I found myself browsing through the new fanfic out there and I realized how long it had been since *I* had written something substantial.  So I picked up where I left off with "The Opposite Side of the Moon" and I found myself enjoying it again.  Which brings me to the "status" part of this page:

The Opppsite Side of the Moon:
Basically, this story is EXTREMELY close to being finished.  There are only 2 chapters left and one of those will be the epilogue, so.... Right now I'm thinking that I could have it done in the next two weeks.   It all depends on how much time I can allot to write the last two chapters.  Although I am still busy with work and school, I don't anticipate it taking me beyond two weeks to finish.

A Simple Kiss:
Oh, this poor story. I swear, I was working on it right up until I got sick of it... and then I just couldn't look at it anymore.  Right now I'm re-reading over some of the chapters so that perhaps I can finish it.  There are a few outlines still in the works but I don't know when it will be finished (if at all) so be patient with this one.

The Dish and the Spoon:
Ok, here's the deal.  You guys are going to decide this one.  I have a story almost complete (With Diana and all) but when Diana was killed off on the show, I decided that maybe it would be best to just kill the storyline.  So here's the deal--do you guys think I should post the story anyway?  email me and let me know!  If I get a substantial amount of emails, I'll post the story.

After We've Said Goodbye:
Remember this one?  I had posted the first 5 chapters and then discontinued the story due to personal reasons that made it difficult for me to continue.  But now I'm thinking of bringing it back (mostly because I've been working on some new chapters) and when The Opposite Side of the Moon is finished, I was going to re-post it on my page.  What do you guys think?  Do you want to see it ressurected?  Email me and let me know.
As for right now, don't forget to have a fun-filled summer!  Read some fanfic, watch some re-runs, but more importantly, go and take time out for yourself.  Catch some rays and maybe... play a little b-ball.  :o)