6x17, Untitled
"What?  No title??  You've got to be kidding, Scully. They have to call it SOMETHING..."
Airdate: April 11, 1999

What it is:


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April 11: 6X17 Untitled
Written by two freelancers including Millennium's props guy, about someone
 who can walk through walls after being affected by a tornado

Stories From The Set:


Info thanx to  SpoilerVille  From Colleen:

I saw them filming the episode for the tornado man. When I was on set, no one I talked to was really sure what the nameof the episode was.  Even DD's stand in didn't know. And the script I saw still said untitled on the top of it. But the only thing that doesn't fit this was the fact that Rob Bowman was definately talking to Vince on the telephone about this episode while I was there. Rob wanted to change how Scully got inside the house later and wanted to clear it with Vince. So I'm not sure if Vince helped write the script with the Millinium people or how that fits in.  I was on set for around 4 hrs standing fairly close and this is what I heard...

Place: Jackson, Mississippi in front of a dumpy house with lots of clutter in the front yard. 3 Mississippi police cars, a coroner's wagon and Mulder and Scully's rental with a Lariat sticker on the bumper all parked in front of the house. Scully walking down the driveway with cell phone to her ear and walking towards Mulder, who is standing next to his rental car holding a picture up in the air.

Scully: "I have a name to go with the face."  (Most of Mulder's dialogue was too quiet to hear since they were shooting Mulder's POV at this point and DD was facing away from me)  They both pause in conversation to watch the 2 coroners office guys load up the corpse. Mississippi cops walk around aimlessly outside. Scully makes some reference to the bullets in a plastic bag that Mulder is holding and says something like "If indeed those are really bullets." The *insert Scully theory here* including the sentance "Where's the science?"  And Mulder insists that they are bullets and continues with a hard to hear *Mulder Bedtime story* theory. He did a lot of talking with his hands, including this fake punch. On the first take in rehearsal, Rob was imitating him, it was funny.

Scully: "And what does that have to do with what I just said?"
Mulder talk talk talk
Scully: "Then if he can walk through walks, what is keeping him from falling into the center of the earth?"
Quiet Mulder explaination, but shorter and then he asks Scully a question.
Scully: "There's a sister."
Parting dialogue. Scully goes back up the driveway with the picture in hand and Mulder gets in the rental car.

4 hours of filming for 2-3 minutes of screen time. Yeowza But still way cool. :) They were going inside to film the interior scenes when I left.