Here is where I'll be posting spoilers for episodes that either have no name yet , or just not enough info to warrant its own page. I'll also post info regarding future seasons here (namely, next year--the last season) And also anything about the upcoming big sceen sequel to "The X Files: Fight The Future."


new tenative airing schedule

Courtesy of Greg on  SpoilerVille :

                       Date               Ep#           Title                  Writer/Director
                       4/18              6X18        Milagro                    Cart&Spot&Shib/Manners
                       4/25              6X20         The Unnatural          Duchovny/Duchovny           
                       5/2                       --------  Pre-emption  ----------
                       5/9                6x19         Three of a Kind          Cart&Spot&Shib/Manners
                                                --------Season Finales-----------
                       5/16            6X21        Field Trip                         Carter&Spotnitz/Manners 
                      5/23            6X22        Plans                                 Carter&Spotnitz/Bowman


This was sent to me by Roda93 on AOL.   It's the tentative airing schedule for the rest of this season:

3/28 Alpha

4/4  repeat ---  Drive?
4/11  Trevor
4/18  Milagro
4/25  BRM

5/2  "Independence Day"  the movie
5/9  DD's baseball ep
5/16   finale part 1  LIES?
5/23   finale part 2


From Greg on  SpoilerVille :

The good news is that the TLG have been called on to carry another episode, 6X19 . Mulder will be virtually non-existentin it because Duchovny will be scouting locations.