June, 2002:

New Fanfic: Light Moves
(Post The Truth)

New fanfic "Life As We Live It"
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Leia's Fanfic Recommendations Page

After The Rain

Mulder wanders into an interesting situation...

Dandelions For Luck...

Why is it that you always find the words when it's too late?

Dandelions on The Wind
PG-13 (violence, language), MSR/UST, Spoilers: Mythology Eps.

Mulder tells the story of what happened to Scully...

He Left The Light On
PG, implied MSR, ANGST

What do you do with death?  Time passes in moments...

His Child
PG, MSR, Angst

Sometimes life can be a series of bad dreams.  When does Scully 
start to feel like a mother?

Home is Where… (22k)A Book Cover.
G, M/S UST, Spoilers: “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.”

What happened after Mulder and Scully opened their gifts?

How I Slept With My Partner
PG-13, Spoilers: "Requiem," and all that came after

While gathering information for Jose Chung's new book,
I learned some startling things about the not-so-domesticated
lives of two FBI agents.

How To Blend In With Normal People
PG-13, MSR

There we were, Mulder and I, Mulder naked beside me, me on my side with my face upturned towards the window.  I was watching leaves trickling down from their branches, twigs twisting in the wind and fluttering from sight, thinking about nothing really…Or everything.   Nothing or everything or something like that.  Damned if I can remember.

If Ever I should Fall (4k)
A Poem, suggested MSR.

Summary: Scully's thoughts. perhaps a journal entry. 

In a Day's Work
Humor, MSR

A bet, a stupid case, sneak theives and stewardesses... 
How did you get from there to here?  It's all in a day's work. 

Searching for Ever After (91k) A Book Cover.
PG. Angst, MSR.

Birthdays come and go, change is inevitable. But where, in a harsh 
world of broken fairy tales, lost smiles, can we find happiness?

Situational Claustrophobia (59k)
PG, MSR, Humor.

A phrase that is best defined by getting stuck too close to the person 
you often wish to be closest to.

The Tonight Series:
Tonight I: Longing but never alone (15k)
Tonight II: Today as any other (19k)
Tonight III:From the ashes of tears (55k)
PG, Angst, MSR.

There is only one person who can save Mulder from himself. 
But does she need saving as well?

The Last Long Haul: 
PG, UST, vague season 7 spoilers

The conversation we never got to see. 

The Way I Saw It (213k) A Book Cover
R, MSR, Angst, "The End" Spoilers.

Scully has had an awful day, Mulder is drunk, and Diana Fowley thinks 
its all Scully's fault. Who is right? Who is wrong? 
And what the heck happened? 

Upon a Star
G, Implied MSR, angst, "Requiem" spoilers

What can Scully believe in, now that Mulder is gone?

 The Way I Saw it, 2: The Dish and The Spoon 

Mulder, Scully, and Diana run into some car trouble on a miserable rainy night.  Scully suspects Diana of wroing-doing, Diana would like nothing more than to undermine Scully, and Mulder's just about had it.  But how did they get there?    And why are Mulder and Scully fighting...again?  Will they admit to each other, what Diana already--painfully--knows?

The Opposite Side of the Moon
X File, MSR, some angst, some humor
chapters 16-19, NEW!


Chapter 1 Chapter 10
Chapter 2 Chapter 11
Chapter 3 Chapter 12
Chapter 4 Chapter 13
Chapter 5 Chapter 14
Chapter 6 Chapter 15
Chapter 7 Chapter 16
Chapter 8 Chapter 17
Chapter 9 Chapter 18
Chapter 19

A mysterious death brings Mulder and Scully into a strange web of lies, confusion and intrigue.  Can their relationship survive the lingering doubts their investigation brings, or is someone out to get Scully?  Someone who will kill her first.....
New chapter each week.  (Currently, umm.. many written....)

After We’ve Said Goodbye
 Book Cover 1
 Book Cover 2
PG, MSR, X-File, Angst.
Can Mulder break the boundaries of time to save the woman he loves?

 A Simple Kiss
A Book Cover
PG-13, MSR, Humor, Angst.
Nothing is simple with Mulder and Scully around... 
even a kiss.
A Prologue
Chapters 1-8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

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